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REPORT: 2012 What’s Next Boomer Business Summit

I just attended Mary Furlong’s What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in Washington DC last week (May 28, 2012). For AgeTek members—or other interested businesspeople—who weren’t able to attend, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I experienced and the … Continue reading

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Is custom install missing the boat with “Connected SOURCE”?

OPINION: So where does a consumer go to really get help with difficult home technology challenges, especially those that are not easily solved by trying to do-it-yourself? That’s what the Best Buy Magnolia Hi-Fi & Geek Squad store-within-a-store concepts were … Continue reading

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United in Technology for Aging – Laura Mitchell & Peter Radsliff Speak on the Aging Technology Alliance

Ken from ViodiTV interviews Peter Radsliff (AgeTek Chairman) and Laura Mitchell (AgeTek Director) on what the Aging Technology Alliance is and the companies that were represented in the AgeTek Pavilion at CES 2011. Continue reading

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Digital health market pegged to reach $5.7B by 2015

“Adoption of chronic-care monitoring will grow slowly, and medication management and senior fall-detection programs will expand at above-average rates,” Parks’ research team director Harry Wang said, according to a news release. “The real engines of growth in this industry will be mobile care solutions and tracking applications.”
Parks’ research points to the recent explosion of fitness apps, as well as the 2010 entry of Philips into the “healthy living” segment of the market with its new “DirectLife” service for fitness and wellness management. Another indicator of market potential: A new alliance formed last month at CES 2011 around this growing sector. Called The Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek), it’s made up of vendors that provide technology products and services to allow seniors to stay in their homes as they age. Continue reading

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The Aging In Place Opportunity, Dan Daley Features Various AgeTek Companies

Why Digital Home Health Care Technology May Be Good for Your Business
We’re getting older, and that’s good. That was the message from the dais at the Digital Home Health Panel that took place during CEDIA EXPO in Atlanta this past September. More specifically, referencing data that shows 70 million Americans reaching senior status by 2030, Ken Kerr, president and CEO at Home Controls, which distributes Grandcare, Presto, and ClearSound elderly care and connectivity devices, put it bluntly: “New needs in huge numbers in an aging population equals new opportunities.”

That was the point that a half dozen or so technology companies that are targeting the home health care industry wanted to get across. All market sectors start off small, and if home health care does develop into a major source of revenue for residential systems integrators, the approximately 50 systems specialists who comprised the panel’s audience might be looked back on as the beginnings of the small army that the product manufacturers and distributors believe will grow into in the coming two decades.

In contrast to the acrimonious health care insurance debate that took place a year earlier, proponents of home health care technology got down to the economic brass tacks early on. Kerr compared the cost of assisted living or nursing home stays–he cited the approximately $75,000 it costs to maintain one person annually in a nursing home environment–with the cost of outfitting a home with sensors that monitor, record, and transmit information about location, medications, and other key daily necessities and said it would be a fraction of the ongoing costs of living outside the home.

“That’s the value proposition to the customer,” Kerr explained. But the numbers are equally good for the integrators that will sell and install those technology products. “Digital home health products are not yet commoditized, so the margins are very, very good right now, like the home theater business when it started out,” Kerr pointed out. Continue reading

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The Aging Technology Alliance at the Consumer Electronic Show

Ken Pyle at Viodi TV came to the Aging Technology Alliance pavilion at the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January 2011 to interview AgeTek board chairman Peter Radsliff and director Laura Mitchell about the Alliance and … Continue reading

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This is the new AgeTek blog on WordPress!

Thanks for coming to the new AgeTek blog on WordPress! This is the official blog of the Aging Technology Alliance, a consortium of over 50 companies that promote the awareness, benefits and value of member products and services for our … Continue reading

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