AgeTek Insiders Insights Webinar: Secrets to a Compelling Market Launch

Given by Lauren Essex, Principal, ToMarket Consulting

Lauren Essex, ToMarket Consulting

— On July 25th, Lauren Essex gave the fourth in a series of AgeTek Insiders Insights Business Education Webinars. These are her followup comments —

What are the “secrets” to developing and launching compelling brands? There’s really no secret at all. Pick a disciplined approach and follow it. The approach we follow at ToMarket Consulting is: TARGET. BRAND. STRATEGY. IMPACT.

TARGET the market and know your customer(s).
BRAND products and services so customers choose yours in preference to others.
– Launch a STRATEGY that drives Awareness, Credibility, Demand and Closes sales.
– Only then can you measure the IMPACT in the market.

For a limited time, non-members of AgeTek can watch recordings of the entire Insiders Insights webinar series. Here is the link to Lauren essex’s seminar on 7/25: [ click to download ] 



We are the Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek for short, online at, a not-for-profit corporation who goal is to promote the awareness, benefits, and value of member products and services for our aging society.
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