Aging in America Conference Panel on E-health Technologies

tele-medicineTechnologies that extend and enhance our ability to provide care for persons with chronic illness have been increasingly successful in improving the wellbeing and independence of older adults, the segment of the US population has the greatest demand for health and long term care services. These technologies offer a means for reducing the burden of chronic care for patients, families and the health care system as a whole while improving the older person’s safety, health & well-being and social connectedness.

At Aging in America, the 2011 Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging being held in San Francisco on April 26th through 28th, a panel of experts, moderated by Laura Fay, CEO of HAPPYneuron Inc., will explore “How E-health Technologies Support Patient Engagement and Reduce Health Care Costs”. In the 1.5 hour workshop, the panelists (including Bosch Healthcare, SCAN Health Plan, Memory Training Centers of America, LinkedSenior) will discuss the major trends and opportunities ahead to leverage a variety of technologies to engage consumers to become enthusiastic stakeholders in managing their health, be more compliant with prescriptions and clinical recommendations, and to enjoy life for as long as possible outside of the hospital setting.

If you are planning to attend the conference, plan to check out this educational workshop.

Laura Fay, CEO North America
Scientific Brain Training / HAPPYneuron



We are the Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek for short, online at, a not-for-profit corporation who goal is to promote the awareness, benefits, and value of member products and services for our aging society.
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