NBC News explores how to slow the onset of dementia

NBC explores how to prevent dementia; interviews Dakim

© 2011 NBC Washington

Research suggests there are things you can do to prevent or slow the onset of dementia, and Dan Michel’s company Dakim BrainFitness (an AgeTek member) is challenging people to challenge themselves. NBC recently showcased the importance of mental stimulation and brain fitness. So many times we focus on activities of daily living monitoring and telehealth monitoring and forget the importance of social and mental wellness. All of these are just one piece of the entire puzzle. We have to focus on all of these together as a whole CAREPLAN for our aging loved ones. As with anything “use it or lose it” applies to both physical and mental health. Brain fitness is a critical piece of the overall puzzle. We at GrandCare have tried to piece together many parts of the puzzle (mind games, socialization with family, two way web chatting, incoming pictures, messages, tele-wellness monitoring, activity of daily living monitoring, medication management and smart home monitoring into one complete system). We are thrilled that technologies like Dakim and GrandCare and other AGETEK MEMBERS are now getting media coverage so that folks know they are available here and now, so our loved ones can be comfortable, mentally exercised, physically active and safe – no matter where they choose to live.

posted by Laura Mitchell, Director AgeTek Alliance Board
VP Marketing, GrandCare Systems, www.grandcare.com


About grandCARE®

grandCARE’s simple, touch platform enables an individual to view pictures, receive incoming messages, watch videos, video chat with family/healthcare staff, listen to music and play fun games. Using a series of wireless activity and telehealth devices, grandCARE can alert designated caregivers by phone, email or text if something seems amiss.
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